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Alpha-GPC or L-Alpha-glycerophosphocholine (aGPC), as the name suggests, is a choline-containing phospholipid isolated from soy. It is a natural compound that can perform well with other nootropics. Alpha GPC works effectively to deliver choline to the brain and stimulate the production of acetylcholine along with cell membrane phospholipids. The compound's role in releasing dopamine and calcium and supporting memory formation is being investigated.

Alpha GPC Benefits
In recent decades, Alpha-GPC has become a focus of research into age-related memory loss and other causes of memory dysfunction. Although more evidence is needed to be conclusive about the effectiveness of this compound, many people use it to improve symptoms associated with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, stroke, and other conditions. More recent studies have also begun to investigate the role of Alpha GPC powder in athletic performance.

How does it work?
Alpha-GPC appears to increase a brain chemical called acetylcholine. This brain connection is crucial for memory and learning functions.


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